Have you ever taken the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to a home renovation with less-than stellar results? You are not alone. It’s probably safe to say that anyone who has ever been involved in a large-scale DIY renovation project has a story to tell about a mistake that was made, or a problem that they encountered during their reno that ended up costing them extra money. Generally, these mistakes are the result of poor planning, a lack of expertise, or the introduction of unforeseen circumstances; and more often than not these mistakes could have been avoided by consulting a professional.

:   In an old bathroom that has been demo’d to the studs there is a dirty white toilet with a pair of legs in white stockings poking out of the toilet as if the occupant fell in and was partially flushed down.


If you are trying to reupholster your dining room chair, then there is probably no harm done outside of a failed attempt to reupholster your dining room chair. However, if you are trying to renovate your bathroom, the potential for expensive and project delaying damages is far greater; and you should ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

A renovation of any size will involve countless decisions, and what the professionals have that you don’t is the knowledge and experience that allows them to see the bigger picture; and/or foresee the challenges that could be encountered along the way. Legitimate and client conscious professionals execute a project successfully, on time, and within the stipulated budget because they have a greater web of resources, information, and experience to tackle the job than first-time “do-it-yourselfers.”

I’m not saying that you always need the advice of a licensed contractor, interior designer, or landscape professional to successfully undertake a DIY project. Taping into your own creative resources and putting your personal stamp on a project has unquantifiable rewards and I highly recommend the experience; but KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

If you knew that thousands of dollars were lost to mistakes and poor planning in the average home renovation, would you choose to spend the money on professional advice at the onset of your project to ensure its success, or would you spend that money fixing the mistakes you made and possibly getting stuck with substandard results.

About 16 years ago, in 2004, Celia made her foray into the design business when she renovated her own home. Today she is a leading expert and design consultant assisting homeowners with their own design challenges. Whether you are looking for someone to do the work for you or hold your hand through the process let Design for Conscious Living® guide you in making sure your project is a success.